Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Michigan Visit

We decided to make a quick trip up to Michigan to see some family that we hadn't gotten to see since before we left for Connecticut.  Being with them is such a joy.  It was really great seeing all the little ones.  It is amazing how much they grow in the period of just 4 months!

We spent most of the day just visiting at my Uncle Mark and Aunt Rob's but then we decided to go to a parade since my little cousin Landon would be riding a float in it!

Here is Mya.
 Here is Harper with Stephanie.
 Harper and Mya.
Mya brought her a book so here they are...Looking at a book together. Well Mya is looking at the book Harper is trying to chew on it.
 Me and my Aunt Rob!  Not the best photo but I will take it!
 Harper and Matt.
 Mya sharing her Grandma with little Harper!
 Tea Time!  Seana and Melanie indulge Brooke!
 Harper getting some lovin' from Bri!
 Attack of the Pink~Leslie, Christie and I getting suited up to go watch a parade!
 Here we are at the parade... Melanie and I.
 Jerrid and Seana.
 Christie, Leslie and Aaron.
 Mya and her Momma, Stephanie.
 Maggie and Mya.
 Me and Maggie.
 Jerrid, Melanie, Seana, Me and Harper covered up in her stroller,

The parade was in Battle Creek so some celebrities at the parade included Snap, Crackle & Pop!
 Maggie relaxing watching some Disney Junior Sunday morning.

 Our last stop before leaving Michigan was lunch with my friend Kim at a delicious mexican restaurant!

Like it always goes, there were some other family members we would have liked to see but just didn't have the time to see them all!  Hopefully we will be seeing them at the Thornton Christmas party in December!

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