Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Nashville to meet Sam!

We had to go down to Nashville to meet Sammy!!!  Look at this cutie pie posing with his Momma!!!
I have to say it was a great trip!  Jessica and Olivia drove up from Atlanta, and Seana who was in Huntsville Alabama all week for work also used her rental car to drive up to Nashville to meet us!  It was nice and low key, and although I had booked us a hotel room we all opted to stay with Kate, Jason and Sam!  
Saturday we got up and went and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel then we went back to Kate's and got ourselves together for a day in downtown Nashville!  The took us to Broadway St the place where the Nashville magic happens.... Best of all it is the home to Jack's!!  Which is really good BBQ!  You know I love me some ribs!!!  We ate in the upstairs area the view out the window was pretty cool you could see the "strip"!! Maggie and O got a kick taking in the view!  This time without the Two for Tuesdays sign!  

Here is a shot of "the old gang" with our babies!!
 We walked a bit of the strip, and got to experience "Occupy Nashville" during a march... Ugh.  I have grown tired of these Occupiers... They keep interfering with my sight seeing!!!  We were quick to find that navigating 3 strollers through the busy streets was not all that fun... So after we found some delicious hot chocolate at Mikes we opted to ride on a horse drawn carriage! Which was very fun and well challenging with a little squirm worm named Maggie!!  Olivia and Sammy thought it was quite relaxing and fell asleep by the end of the ride.

Here are the Frenchs!!! Kate, Jason and Sam!
 Jessica and Olivia!
 One Crowded Carriage!
 Seana, Maggie and Me (I'm the one behind Seana's hair)
 Seana really liked the AT&T building.  It is quite beautiful!

 One baby out and a bunch of pretty lights to enjoy!
 Our driver and Us, he was pretty talkative and amazingly not in an annoying way...
 Here is the star of the Carriage, Ms. Cinderella! (I thought this name to be ironic since these are my old Disney Rommies!)
 Maggie wasn't into posing she just wanted to touch the horse!
 After the tour of Nashville we headed back to Kate's for a fun night in that involved a little drinking game called asshole and some pizza delivered at midnight!!

Here is Little Sam being cute!!  He is so good at his job!
 Mmmm Sunday morning breakfast together!

I took a little video and decided to have some fun with it using iMovie hope you like it!  for some reason when I use these templates it cuts off some of the top of the video... and I haven't figured out how to fix that.

And more of cute little Sammy!
We mustn't forget to get a photo of some other important members of the French family!

Here is Jack.
Here is Lucy.
Sunday was our last day there and we actually only got a half day of visiting since we had to drive back!  But it was a great half day and Kate's birthday!

We decided a trip to a park was a great idea!  Giving the girls a chance to run around before the long haul home.

Here is O and Jessica enjoying some lunch while Jack is hopeful for something dropped!
Muti and Maggie hanging out!
Maggie exploring while getting a snack!
MMMM Sweet potatoes and Blueberries!
We had some fun on the slides!

This is how it always goes one baby looking photogenic the other not so much!
And now the other baby's turn!
Well that wraps up our trip to Nashville!  Wish we could have stayed longer!  Love these ladies and their babies oh and their baby daddy's! (yep I went there... I said baby daddy)

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