Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

So during our last week in Connecticut Maggie put her costume to use and wore it baby bebop and playgroup!

Tinker Bell getting her sticks at BeBop!

I took a little video in hopes to show all the cute little costumes!! There was a dragon, a bee, a couple monkeys, a dog, and some pirates to name a few all mixed in there! It was super cute to watch them all interact!

At playgroup!
Playing with Madeline's Mommy Jessica!  (We miss you guys already!)
On Halloween in Indiana!! Off we go trick or treating!!
Which way should we go?
Ooh Grass!
Hmmm perhaps we should leave the drive way...
We quickly learned that the concept of trick or treating is still lost on a 1 year old!  But it was fun watching her walk around... granted we spent a lot of time herding her in the right direction which usually resulted in the Mommy scoop up to get to the next house!  We think next year she will be primed to carry her own bag and stay on task to trick or treat it up!

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