Saturday, October 29, 2011

We are Back Indiana!!!

Well we made it... and everyone survived!! It was quite the adventure with the car packed to the gills with all our gear, 3 dogs, a Maggie, a Muti and a Mommy!

Oddly the one thing we didn't check before leaving on Friday (10/28/2011) was the weather.  So we headed out around 5pm and decided to stop at Cabana Joe's our favorite spot in CT to get Chai!!  Well since it was getting close to dinner time we opted to grab a pizza at the pizza place next door... where Seana discovered that there was a HUGE snow storm coming our way and was supposed to dump 10-15 inches right on our route and chosen spot to stop for the night!  YIKES!!!'easter

So we opted to change our route from I70 to I80 which is farther north since the storm was moving northeast... And we set out with no dog friendly hotel picked out!!  We had to race to beat this snowstorm!  The hours passed as did the miles on the highway, as the night passes we started checking weather bug for the snow report for upcoming towns.  Lucky for us the amount of snow expected went down the further we went... from 10" to 8" to 5" to 3"... it was decided that we would push for Clarion, PA which only expected 1" by morning..once we were half an hour out, I started pulling hotels in the area with google maps calling each one to see if they allowed pets... 3 hotels down... no pets, finally I came across the Comfort Inn.  The google maps blurb said they allowed pets, I called... wouldn't you know it the number they provided was a fax number... we decided this was it.  There weren't any other hotels in the area and we had to chance it.  So we pulled up, I went in with Maggie asleep in tow.  The clock read 230 AM, we were all tired.... they allowed pets!  They only had 2 smoking rooms left... Blast.  We took one.  The smell was not good, I tried to pretend the stale smoke that permeated the room and the entire 2nd floor of this hotel was a fireplace... with little avail.  Seana got the dogs in.  We all slept as best we could.  Got up early to not even an inch of snow but it was snowing, didn't bother to shower, grabbed the free breakfast and headed for the nearest starbucks.

Wouldn't you know it we found the only Starbucks that doesn't open until 10 AM.  Luck for us, it was 9:50 so we went and filled up Johnny.  Got our starbucks and got back on the road; snow became rain, rain became sunshine after 2 hours on the road!  The alternate route was a smart move!

The remainder of our trip was uneventful.  Indiana greeted us flatter and more sparse than we remembered with fall foliage coming to an end.

As we pulled up to our house, it felt like coming home.  Oh how we missed you with your 9ft ceilings,  kitchen counters,  big mounted tv, and furniture!!!

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