Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Essex Train & Steamboat!

Our last Connecticut outing was riding the Steam Train & Steam Boat out of Essex, CT!  We had hoped to catch Connecticut at it's peak color with our last weekend.  Unfortunately, it seemed a week to early... So we didn't get to see much color change.  I just don't think it is our year for fall foliage greatness!

Here we are bundled up for photo ops!  Isn't Maggie cute with you UCONN hat!  I am not looking the best in this shot!
 The battle to take off the hat begins!
 Perhaps a conductor hat is more in order!! As you can see stuffed animals were a required distraction to get a photo of Maggie the Conductor!
 A steam train!
 Maggie hard at work on the railroad!
 Always working!  Maggie is typing away on the blackberry while taking in the sights!
 Time to ride the boat on the Connecticut River! On our boat ride we enjoyed hot dogs and hot chocolate took in some pretty sights and got to see 2 bald eagles (or the same eagle twice) one sitting on top of a tree and one soaring over the river!!
 The Gillette Castle was built in 1914 by William Gillette an american actor known most for his role as Sherlock Holmes.
 A very beautiful and style in use Oprah House!
This was a fun little day trip! And a welcome break from the packing that has taken up my time as we prepare to leave back to Indiana.

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