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This was a long awaited trip for us.  We actually had planned a Boston trip in 2007 but due to airfare costs went to Disney World instead... back when a girl had the Disney hook up and could get a family discount at one of the Disney Resorts and get walked in to the parks.  How times have changed.

So Boston!  We decided to go up early on Friday and stay through Monday...  I would love to say it was the perfect trip but the bitter truth is it was mediocre... I can't put all the blame on Boston.  First off, I had a mild head cold.  Key word is mild and I treated it in a very serious manner kicking it to the curb pretty quickly.. as in it arrived Thursday night and was gone by Sunday.  I was also dealing with the unmentionable time of the month... and something I ate on either Friday night or Saturday day decided I needed more time in the bathroom.  My stomach is still recovering.  I tried to hide all my discomforts during the site seeing and exploring and I think I did a good job of not complaining.  But Seana knew I was hiding it and so my health seemed to put a damper on all things Boston.

Then there was the issue of the homeless/crazies.  I don't know what it is about Boston but it sort of felt like a Mecca for the displaced.  Some encounters were laughable like the lady marching back and forth in the public garden talking about the british coming... and some not so laughable... like the guy in the starbucks who would left his bags unattended and spent a very long time in the restroom... upon leaving the bathroom he was gleefully stating "I did it, I did it!!" and as he grabbed his gear and passed our table I heard him say "I will get the baby with my terrorism"... let me just start off by sharing Seana's Friday night experience.

So I forgot my puffs plus in the car which was valet'd, Friday night was not one of my best nights in terms of the Cold I was battling... and Seana being the amazing wife she is offered to walk up to the grocery store we were told about at check in to get me some.   So off she went while Maggie and I watched television and suffered with the hotel kleenex.  She is gone for what feels like almost an hour but is probably closer to half an hour... forty minutes.  She gets back and is a bit freaked out... gives me my puffs plus and goes straight into telling me about this "close call" if you will.

Seana's story... coming back from the store she decided to cut through the Mall that is attached to our hotel, it is later so there aren't a lot of people about and as she heads down the direction to the Hotel, she notices that the guy in front of her is having a conversation but seems kind of off.  She doesn't try to think to much of it... she is walking a slightly faster pace than him and slowly gets closer behind him.  She notices that he has a smell about him, like an odor, just not clean... and she concludes that he must be homeless, and also realizes that he doesn't have a phone and is in fact talking to himself.  Well he seems to be heading the same way as her and she is now walking somewhat next to him not close... but is almost passing him but not walking fast enough to truly be passing him by quickly.  They reach a door... he goes through the circular door she goes through a side door and is now ahead of him.  So she is walking and starts to feel like he is now following her still mumbling to himself, she turns to go pass the first set of elevators and he turns also... she then realizes that they are on the 2nd floor of the hotel near all the ballrooms and are completely alone... she sees a woman disappear as she goes down the escalator towards the lobby and wisely changes her route of going to the 2nd set of elevators that would take her to where are room is and goes for the escalator... he follows and loudly closes in on the distance between them she reaches the escalator and turns to look at him and he is right behind her... she described his closeness as being how close she and I would be on the escalator... (FREAKY) and he starts yelling "I want you out of here! I want you out of here! I want you out of here!"  Seana is frozen pretty much.. she gets to the bottom of the escalator sees a bellman and concierge at the front desk and heads that way... thankfully the smelly scary guy goes outside.  And Seana is officially freaked out but Safe!  So that is how our visit started so this encounter is quite possibly why we both were keyed into the "displaced" on the streets of Boston.

So now that I pointed out all the not so great moments... Let me show you some fantastics photos that make us look like this was the best vacation ever... perhaps I should delete all that stuff above and just leave the photos so I will only remember the "fantastic"....

So let's get to the good stuff!

Saturday: The Freedom Trail!  This was the #1 thing on my list... I LOVE history and Boston was smack dab in the middle of all things leading up to the revolutionary war... They have done a great job preserving some of that history with this trail!
 The Granary Grave Yard....
 Final resting place of Samuel Adams... Cheers.
 Stones in this cemetary date back to the early 1600s... crazy.
 The Final Resting Place of Paul Revere
 The Old North Church~ Where two Lanterns were lit to signal the British were coming by Sea!
 The Kings Chapel... we also walked through its graveyard.
The inside of the King's Chapel still in use today is the most unique church I have ever seen... Look at this Pulpit!
 The pews are all in their own "cubicle" they are numbered and some are designated for certain families... Paul Revere worshipped here.
 A statue of Benjamin Franklin... Seana was ummm... well excited??!!
 I was inspired to stand like good Ol' Franky boy...
 While walking the Freedom Trail we stumbled upon a movie being shot... starring Ryan Reynolds, we didn't get to see much of anything... The movie is called R.I.P.D. and will be out in 2012... the guy to Seana's left was not amused by my photo taking.
Posing in front of the old state house... built in 1713....  the boston massacre happened just on the other side of this building.  This was as far as we walked on the freedom trail... this can wear out a girl's feet!
 For dinner we ate at the Papa Razzi... the food was very good... very rich in flavor.. This restaurant is located on Newbury St a very fun place to stroll if you like to shop!!  A great way to end the night!
Sunday: The Duck Tours!!  Here is Maggie exploring and burning some energy before our 80 minute tour of the city!
 Maggie and Seana enjoying the views!
 The Trinity Church and the Hancock Building... very beautiful... I love the modern mixed with the old, it actually was designed to reflect the old architecture that surrounds it.
 Enjoying our ride in the Charleston River!
 After the Duck Tour which was awesome! We walked up to the bar "Bull & Finch" the bar that inspired the creation of Cheers!!
 So they advertise that they have the best Burgers, Bloody Mary's and Chowda... I tried all 3... and they lied.  They were okay... but I have had better... still it was fun to see what inspired Cheers... I remember watching that growing up.
 Maggie with the Duck statue... this thing along with its ducklings... are famous... I am not certain why... but it is cute!
 Photo op on a walking bridge...
 Maggie being adorable!
 Seana and Maggie posing in front of the Statue of George Washington...
 A pretty church...
That sums up most of Boston!  It was a trip worth taking... how else would we have figured out we love NY more than Boston?  Although I think if I had to choose it's Redsox over the Yankees...  It was the movie Fever Pitch it did me in!!

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