Friday, October 21, 2011

Play Group!

I started taking Maggie to a new playgroup preschool.  It has become our Wed/Thurs activity.  It is about an hour and half and it includes play time, music and learning time, snack time, more play time and then goodbye song time...  Maggie seems to really like it.. and we are both making friends! YAY us!

Here is Maggie with Madeline
 Maggie, Madeline and Miles having a snack!
 Maggie and her "twin" Evan, who we have only seen at the play group once but while they were playing together I was asked if they were my twins!!  I think it is the pacifier expression!

 Maggie's friend Amber!!
 Maggie Crawling thru the "covered bridge"
 Miles right behind Maggie making his way through as well!
 Maggie in her play yard!  She loves that thing... doesn't she look like a big girl??!! oye.

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