Friday, October 7, 2011

Poof ... like that

They always say you don't know the last time you will get to do something. I know we have been complaining that Maggie never sleeps through the night and that she can't fall asleep on her own, etc etc. Well for the last week we have been really working on setting Maggie down awake so that she falls asleep on her own. She has been doing great. Learning to lay still and fall asleep.

It used to be .. We brush our teeth together, read a story, say a prayer and then I turn on Ray Charles and rock Maggie for 10 - 60 minutes until she is asleep. Some nights I give up so frustrated. Some nights I stare into Maggie's sleeping face being held in my arms and wonder how I could ever be frustrated by such a sweet face.

Well for this week our routine has been, brush teeth, read a story, say a prayer, 5-10 minutes of rocking and then Maggie gets put in her bed. Well tonight ... she was amazing. She actually couldn' get comfortable in my arms so I had to set her down. And she laid there and held her own hand and gently fell asleep .... and it hit me.... like a giant sad wave that that was it. That one week ago she couldn't sleep without me and that now she is holding her own hand drifting off to sleep.

How strange that parenthood is such a happy and sad event all in the same evening. So proud of my little girl. And now I will wish I hadn't complained about her bedtime routine.

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