Sunday, October 9, 2011


Commonly referred to as Hahvahd!

This was our final university tour while in Connecticut.  I am happy to report that the buildings look like the age they are and the tour guides didn't come off as airheads!  2 points for Harvard 0 points for Yale!

We both really liked the campus it seems to give off a sense of harmony with the surrounding city.

Here is a picture of Matthews Hall the oldest surviving building at Harvard College, erected between 1718 and 1720... Currently it houses the offices of the University's President and staff as well as freshman dorms on the 4th floor!  Some greats that lived in Matthews hall were John Adams, John Hancock, and Sam Adams!
A statue that has 3 lies on it, the date, the person and something else I can't recall... it also has a shiny toe on his boot due to rubbing!
Me looking intellectual yes??!!
Seana and Maggie strike a pose!
The only bell tower still in use today!
A family of Hams!

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