Friday, October 21, 2011

9/11 Memorial & Wall Street

The timing of our stay in Connecticut has allowed us to go and see the 9/11 Memorial a month after it opened to the public.  I think they did a great job in creating a moving memorial for all the lives lost from terrorist attacks both in 2001 and 1993.  The waterfalls are impressive in size and the detail of the rim with each name etched in was breathtaking.  It left us both feeling somber and grateful for what we have in our lives.  Here are some pictures.

South Tower Waterfall
 Freedom Tower in the making.
 Me and the Memorial
 Maggie and the Memorial
 Seana and Maggie and the Memorial
 Maggie and Seana in a reflection in the plaza of the memorial
 Us as a family at the Memorial
 When we left we decided to eat and then head back to the subway to head home, we weren't in a touristy mood after being at ground zero.

After lunch our walk back to the subway took us past Zuccotti Park which is where the Wall St Occupiers have made a home.  Another event that seems to be becoming more significant with every day they continue to protest. Here is a protester... I am not sure what he is protesting I don't know who Robby Steele is... but I like his boots!
 We also passed by Trinity Church! A beautiful piece of architecture from the past surrounded by sky skrapers!

 As we walked we saw that Wall Street was no longer barricaded by Police, granted it still has barricades up everywhere but there are paths set up you can walk through... Wall Street was a must see for me given my degree is in Finance and I once had ambitions to be in that industry.

 George Washington
 Seana and sleeping Maggie!
 Trinity Church as seen from Wall St... Pretty!

 The Merrill Lynch Bull..
 The ass of a bull being patrolled and looked after by NY Police.

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