Sunday, November 4, 2012

Belly Shot 20W4D!

I haven't gotten around to doing belly shots for this pregnancy partially because I self consciously was bigger to start... Which in reality I was around the same weight but pregnancy changes your body and my tummy hadn't bounced back like I had hoped (granted I also didn't put in the work to make it) after Maggie was born.  So I just wasn't comfortable showing my tummy to the world when I wasn't in a self confident place... But since about 14 weeks I have been warming up to the idea and wanting to start... had planned on doing 16 weeks but that came and went and I missed it...

So here we are 20 weeks essentially the halfway point of my pregnancy and when this pregnant woman is definitely sporting a baby bump!  I am excited at this point to start doing the belly shots (remember when that meant something completely different!)!!   I just perused the belly shots from when I carried Maggie and it will be fun to compare!  See if I am carrying our little guy differently or just seeing the differences period.

So here we go 20WD:

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