Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Halloween!

Our Pre-Halloween activities included buttoning down the hatches and stocking up for Hurricane Sandy... Thanks to a mom group I am a member of I got word of the possible hurricane early on and ordered us a generator, propane heater, fuel, and other supplies from Amazon and some other stores in time for it to show up before the storm and before the price increases!  I also was one of the first shoppers to hit the grocery stores for canned goods, water and food that didn't need refrigeration! 

We also pulled out Seana's survival kit.. yes she has a survival kit which has taken on many names... in Colorado it was a blizzard kit, in Indiana our tornado kit and now in Connecticut it will most likely be dubbed our hurricane kit.  It has pretty much everything you need to survive in an emergency... first aid kit, candles, glow sticks, water in pouches, freeze dried food, MREs, emergency blanket, heat packs, ice packs, camping stove with fuel and more!! 

I think saying we were prepared was an understatement... We filled our tubs with water, opted to sleep in our guest room where there wasn't risk of trees falling on us, charged our electronics, I cooked up a storm and then we waited... and the storm came.  It didn't seem like much at first just a windy rain storm... the hours passed and then in early evening it happened...wouldn't you know it we lost power...We had our emergency radio at the ready..and opted to not to fire up our generator right away.  

Then late that night it hit us... a category 1 hurricane, and the wind was intense!  It was one of the few times in my life I felt scared of the what I was hearing from the storm... and worse our emergency radio actually put out an emergency broadcast to evacuate or go for higher ground if you were in zone 1... to which I questioned "what zone are we???"  Well we are not zone 1 just next to it.. So we didn't need to evacuate, we just continued to hunker down...   The storm subsided and the winds died down... but our power didn't return for 4 days!!

All our supplies including the generator were put to use... luckily we found ways to entertain ourselves...  Halloween was rescheduled for Sunday the 4th, instead of Wednesday the 31st...

We decided to do our pumpkin carvings on Tuesday.. Here is Maggie working on her first pumpkin!

We opted to get her the peg kit instead of an actual carving kit!
Muti helped by putting the pegs in place and then Maggie took the liberties of redecorating it in several ways!

For Halloween Maggie was a garden gnome!! Such a cutie!
Since Halloween was rescheduled I opted to take Maggie to Seana's work mostly so I could put her in her costume! Plus we didn't have power at home and there is only so much to do!

Here she is an office gnome!

This is on the abbreviated day Halloween day before we went out trick or treating

Unfortunately trick or treating was not an enjoyable experience for her.. but she got some candy from 2 of the 3 houses we went to... And she started to see the benefit!


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