Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oops. I broke it.

Words you never want to hear come out of your child's mouth... Well it happened but Maggie didn't break it I DID!  DANG IT!  I dropped our portable DVD player when taking it out of the car... BAH!

So Seana and I decided to shop for another... Good News they have gotten cheaper since we bought our LG five years ago!!  I think we paid over $200.00 for our now broken LG Portable DVD player with its revolutionary 6 hrs of battery life and remote control.

Given that our last portable DVD player was in our lives for 5 years we decided to look for a Dual Screen DVD player with our little guy on the way he is gonna want to watch the show too... To our surprise we found that even dual screens aren't that pricey... We saw 2 models on line that we were interested in and decided to go to Best Buy to look them over and pick one.

The 1st was Dynex 9" Dual Screen DVD Player with Car Kit and Headsets for $119.99
The 2nd was Phillips 9" Dual Screen, Dual DVD Players with Car Kit for $209.00

The difference being the Dynex only has the option to watch the same DVD on both Screens the Phillips is actually 2 DVD players so you can watch 2 different DVDs or the same DVD on both screens... After much hemming and hawing we made the decision to go with the Phillips and found it cheaper on-line which Best-Buy price matched so all said and done we spent 188 and some change... We forewent the extended warranty as it didn't cover drops and spills just normal wear and tear.

We got home and I pulled it out only to find to my dismay... No Remotes!!  How am I going to control these from the front while possible driving???  I pulled out the instruction guide to find out the battery life... there is none?? It has to be plugged in at all times... So the unwrapping is ended and I rewrapped what I had looked over... This was not going to work.  Luckily the holiday return policy went into affect Nov. 4th and even if opened there is a no hassle return policy thru January 24th...

So I have spent this afternoon trying to search out a Dual DVD Players with remote and battery life.. and discovered you can get a single DVD player with all of the above or Dual DVD players with either a remote or battery life...

1st decision made we prefer a remote over battery life because we have learned from traveling with our previous the battery although handy makes it heavy and we stopped taking it on plane rides because 2 laptops, an iPad and a DVD player is overkill... Making the need for it obsolete unless we are again stuck in a power outage but we still have 2 laptops so really?? Settled. No battery life.

2nd decision for some reason which I haven't figured out the 9" screen options don't offer a remote only the 7" screen models do... So it is done decided... The kids will just have to live with a smaller screen.

Then I stumbled on a great deal...

Sylvania 7" Dual Screen, Dual DVD Player w/ remote and bag bundle at (blast it all) for $99.99... Umm YES PLEASE!  Normal price is $125ish for this model and it comes with headsets...
Another great thing Walmart offers is a 2 yr warrenty for DROPS, SPILLS and Cracked Screens... Seriously??!! YAY! And it is only $9.  Best Buys extended warranty was $39 for 1 yr and $69 for 2 yrs and that only covered normal wear and tear and NO Accidents like dropping. With taxes it was just under $116 with free shipping set to arrive Wednesday!!!  We are getting smaller screens but I have a remote! And $60 back in my pocket.

I have no interest in the bag so I may try to ebay it or craigslist it.  And Walmart I still do not like you on principal alone but damn you and your awesome deal... you should be ashamed and I am going to pretend I am not supporting you monetarily but taking advantage of your "loss leader" yep that is what this item is. There I feel better.

My fingers are crossed that this model will treats us well and will outlive my LG, at least we are covered for the next 2 years...And you can't beat getting 2 DVD players for less than the price of 1 you bought 5 years ago!

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