Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving in California!

This year we spent Thanksgiving with Seana's side of the family.  Like the year before we flew in on Thanksgiving as the flights were cheaper and we thought it would be less busy... to our surprise the White Plains airport was PACKED Thanksgiving morning... and our flight wanted to leave early... ironically most of the passengers were in line with us for security so we like everyone else on our flight ended up being "chaperoned" to the front of the line in a very frustrating manner... but we all made our flight... I however was suffering from a cold so the flight became very uncomfortable for me due to the change in air pressure and my congestion... needless to say most of our Thanksgiving weekend I was feeling under the weather with a bad cough and head congestion so much so that I got the go ahead for antibiotics.

Despite being sick, Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and it was nice being surrounded by family.  On Friday Seana's sister and her family came and we all enjoyed each other's company.

Here Maggie is playing with blocks out on the patio with her cousin Mark!

Snack time with Muti and Grampa!
Something is happening outside... But what.. I have no idea???
Coloring and chatting with Nana (not shown) and Muti!
Photo Op with Maggie and her cousins Matt & Mark!
The best part about visiting Seana's family is a chance to relax.. there is no to do list to handle and there is always something to snack on.  Seana even got a chance to go see a movie with her Dad just the two of them!

It was a short visit, and to our surprise the Sacramento Airport was also slammed for our return flight... luckily we had plenty of time to spare to get to our gate!  A great trip aside from the whole cold!

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