Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maggie Update

HER CONDITION: In laymens terms, Maggie's lungs haven't been able to support her without assistance, part of this is from pulminary hypertension and part of this is from her breathing in Meconium (baby poo). As a result, she was put on an Oscillator (which is a type of ventillator). The oscillator is a great ventillator for short periods of time, but if you are on it more than a week it can be damaging to the lungs.

GOAL: This weeks goal is for Maggie to be taken off the oscillator and put on a regular ventillator. In order to do this they need to be able to turn down the amount of oxygen she needs while the rest of her stats remain stable.

PROGRESS: As of last night, they were able to turn down her oxygen to 64%, it was previously at 82%, which is great news! Today they will monitor her stats and hopefully she will maintain the levels she is at. They were also able to turn down her blood pressure medication as she seems to be able to maintain a higher blood pressure which is also good news.

These are small steps of progress, which we are so blessed to see! Maggie is getting better on her own timeline, she is still 3 to 4 weeks out from being released from the hospital. But everyday is another blessing and we are so proud of her progress!

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