Monday, September 6, 2010

Savoring the nap

Last night Melissa had some cramp like pain again - started about 10:30. After we went to bed and slept a bit ... well I slept a bit, we got up at 2:30. She was having cramps about every 4 minutes for about 30 seconds each so we called the midwives. Let me say that having midwives is wonderful. I mean we called at 3:30am and they answer and have answers. So I made Melissa some food, she drank water and took a nice long bath. The whole time I was thinking ..... "Man I should have taken a nap." I mean don't get me wrong - I was very excited that we could be holding our daughter soon, but I think reality hit me. The reality that a small baby will be controlling my sleep schedule.

So after the bath, Melissa was feeling better and we went back to bed at about 5am. Got to sleep in until 11. And today ... that's right ... I took a nap. You know why? Because I could .... and well because I was tired.


  1. Naps are wonderful things when they're little!! I can't wait to see the pictures of that precious baby! You're both going to make such wonderful Mamas!!

  2. Everyone says to stock up on sleep now because once she's here you'll never sleep. Now since there is no way to stock up on your sleep, my words of wisdom are just to enjoy it. Lay there, enjoy each other, because once she's here, there will be none of that for a while. We are going on 8 weeks now, and on some days I wish we could just lay there and spoon for as long as we'd like without worrying if she's still sleeping, is she going to need to eat in a few minutes etc. Good luck.