Friday, September 10, 2010


So I try very hard to do things my way... or at least avoid listening to my Mom. Why? I don't know. She often has good sound advice... I guess I just want to figure it out on my own... I think I have always been like this. I usually will hear her advice but not take heed unless I find that this advice is shared by someone else or is factually backed by something I have read.

Why am I telling you this... Well a couple months ago my Mom told me to get Lanolin for my nipples and start applying then to help condition them.... I of course bought the lanolin but put off applying it... I just didn't see the point. Plus it is an ointment... greasy and probably will stain my bras unless I want to start using breast pads, no thanks.

Well last week I happened to read the back of the Lanolin box... what does it say. Prenatal use recommended to help precondition nipples for breastfeeding. BAHHHHHHHH!

So today I tried it.... better late than never.

By tried it I mean I actually touched the stuff for the first time.... ummmm...
NOT greasy.... Sticky, it doesn't just glide on like a lotion it kinda pulls at your skin while you rub it actually causes a little pain huh.... It does make your skinny very shiny.... And did I mention STICKY!

I learned a couple things... with this first application...

1. Dont bend over when you are a day shy of 40 weeks pregnant it turns out that the part of your breasts that just got sticky do come in contact with your belly and spreads the stickyness to your tummy.

2. If you buy reusable cloth breast pads, its best to wash them right after they have been purchased... not take them out of the box and read the instructions that state "to wash before use" after you have applied Lanolin.

3. Have an old bra on hand, sure it's a cup too small at this point, do you really want to get this sticky goop all over your new nursing bras???

4. Listen to your Mom, she does have a lot more life experience to draw from than you do.

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  1. I never applied that stuff before I had my daughter. I had sore nipples for about a week and then they were fine. Afterall having a baby suck on your boobs every 2-3 hours takes some getting used to, and no amount of lanolin will prepare you for that. Just my 2 cents.