Sunday, October 25, 2009

One big plunge

So as you know - if you have read MJ's blogs - we have done the insemination process this month. What is amazing to me as a woman is you are told NOT to get pregnant. I still remember my mom talking to me when I was like 14 about safe sex. She told me something like "Being pregnant is not the end of your life, but AIDS is." She basically taught me that it isn't babies you are trying to avoid it is diseases. Made sense to me.  

As a lesbian, you don't really encounter sperm lol - so it was a strange feeling to be in a doctors office with a vial of the stuff ... that I none the less paid for. So after MJ got all prepped and propped up on the doctors table, came the moment of truth ... I got to push the plunger. As small a task as that is, it really made me feel like without both of us, we wouldn't be having kids. 

Then came a moment of "whoa". I just pushed a plunger and a could have just made a life long commitment. And then a huge smile came across my face because that is exactly what I want.  

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