Friday, October 2, 2009

Bye, bye Beemer

So part of our journey of having kids together is getting to one income - that way MJ can stay home if needed or wanted. So today I sold my BMW. .... moment of silence .....

A while ago MJ and I looked at our overall budget and we noticed that combined we spent more on cars than on our home mortgage - not ok. So I decided that since my car was the least useful (you try to stuff a Golden Retriever into the back of a BMW coupe that only seats 4) I should get rid of mine first. - Did I mention I have only owned BMWs for the last 9 years? - Anyway

You may be asking "What will you buy instead" ... the answer ... drum roll ... nothing. Yup nothing. We are going to try to get through the winter with one car. Now that is an adventure. And it is not that we work near each other. We work on different ends of town. I think we can do it.

Having the extra money feels really nice. Having to share a car .... well ... we will see about that.

Take Aways
1. Kids are expensive - plan ahead

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