Wednesday, September 23, 2009

You want me to bend how????

During our visit with the psychologist, she threw out a morsel we hadn't thought of...

Handling stress, making sure we relax and make time for ourselves. 

She suggested carving out time to do things that we like to do for instance going to a movie and eating popcorn or nachos.  She also suggested yoga as a healthy way to exercise and de-stress.  She emphasized the importance of doing this especially after insemination during the waiting period to find out if it stuck.  Apparently some studies have shown that you are less likely to conceive if you are tense and stressed out.

Her suggestion has stuck with me and I am on week three of yoga once a week.  The first day was umm... confusing but it felt really good afterward.   It really does help you de-stress.  It's 45 minutes of stretching that starts with relaxing and clearing your mind and ends with relaxing and clearing your mind.  The 40 minutes not relaxing and clearing your mind are strenuous but not high impact or cardio.

I now know what down dog, crouching cougar and child's pose is...  and I still don't bend most ways but I can reach my toes without bending my knees when bending over in a standing position... I can not recall when I could do that before!

My gym offers two classes a week and so far, one a week conflicts with my schedule.  Hopefully next week I will bump it up to two times a week. Someday who knows maybe I can bend that way......rarrrrr.

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