Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting on Track

If you read My Girl's post about known and unknown donors you probably have figured out we have chosen to go the route of artificial insemination with an anonymous donor. 

The next question that probably comes to mind is who get's the honor of getting knocked up?? Well that would be me!


July we started tracking my ovulation cycle...  I never really paid much attention to the number of days in-between my period I just kinda had a general idea of when I needed to leave the house packin'.  So when August rolled around we had a count!  But what do you do with the count???

Do a search on the internet on how to know when you are ovulating and you will find a plethera of information out there. 

here is an article that we found useful:

For August we decided to use an ovulation calculator via the world wide web and an ovulation predictor kit.

By combining the two methods I only had to pee on a stick 3 times before discovering I was ovulating.

This was the start of our tracking.  

For September we used a much more high tech method of having an ultrasound done.  

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