Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poking and Prodding

It is official the month of September was invade MJ's personal space month...

As a woman we are all familiar with the uncomfortable nature of the annual check up...

Be forewarned....  Seeing a reproductive specialist is just that over and over again.

Sounds easy right....

Physical exam
Blood work

First of all, I don't really like needles, seriously, who does??!!  Secondly, we all hate the "uncomfortable nature" of the female exam!!  

The end goal is worth it all....it better be, my mother in law informed me the poking and prodding is just beginning and I better get used to it!

Hmmmm..Poking and prodding shall continue until birth...and perhaps a bit longer... oye.

Let me just say that I haven't had the insemination yet... and I have had my blood drawn twice, I've peed in a cup, I have had the initial physical exam of lady parts, and the ultra sound which I thought was going to be far less invasive than it was... 

Picture a wand a long white plastic wand with a round nub at the end...and on that wand a condom.  Now envision it being lubed and inserted and moved around inside yourself...  To make matters worse, realize that you really need to pee.  

Yes, it turns out you are supposed to pee before taking the stirrup position...a little tid bit of information the nurse failed to tell me...but she did ask me how tall I was... again for the 4th time.

End result, I am ovulating as we speak and could be inseminated on Thursday 09/17/2009...if only our legal documents were in order!

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  1. Yeah, I had heard about that lovely kind of ultrasound, thank goodness I never had to go through it. NEVERTHELESS, I had heard you were supposed to have a full bladder when you went into it, SO when time came for my one ultasound, I followed the 'rules' and went in with a full bladder, yep I got the same comment from the technician. LOL. In fact it made it harder to see the baby because my bladder was so full. Ah well Live N Learn Ha Ha :O)