Tuesday, September 15, 2009

For that price you should at least talk dirty to me

Did I mention our sperm Doctor was based out of Denver? (that's an hour+ from where we are). Because of this fact, he recommended a counselor that was also based in Denver. (If you didn't read previously, we must see a counselor before we are allowed to use the sexy services of a reproductive doctor.)

So ... up we trek to Denver on a lovely Colorado afternoon. We discuss kids names we hate to help pass the time. As it turns out MJ does not like the name Hermes or Cryptor. She is so hard to please.

After hunting for convenient parking, we wander up to the third floor to a wonderful receptionist who kindly tells us to have a seat. Things are all butterflies and puppy dogs at this point. Then we get to check in .. did I mention we showed up early? Well thankfully we did.

The nice receptionist tells us our appointment will be a $250 deposit .... ???

"Did I hear you say deposit?" I ask
"Yes" She answers "We won't know the full amount until your session is done"
"I am confused" I calmly reply (or ask while totally freaked out but trying to act calm)
"We won't know the full cost so we charge you $250 deposit"
"So do you have a price range of how much our 1 hour counseling appointment will be?" I respond
"No - sorry. It's $250 deposit"

So needless to say I ask her to find out the total cost. I don't want to be billed $250 let alone $500 for talking to a person for an hour! What happens next is frightening ... the counselor comes out .... and she doesn't even know what they charge!! WTF!!! How can you justify $250 an hour? How can you not know what you charge total????

After 15 minutes of research, they discover the total will be $350 - ugh - we bite the bullet and pay it. After all we have to complete this step to have a baby the "fun and sexy way" at the doctors office.

After an hour, I feel pretty much the same but at least I got to spend time with my favorite girl talking about babies.

Take aways
1. Ask how much the counseling appointment will be BEFORE you go to the appointment
2. Consider Cryptor - it is a lovely name.


  1. It's a freaking way to get money from you. Any yahoo can get pregnant on 'accident' and not even want a kid, but you and I... I am in the process of writing my auto-biography as part of proving I am a fit parent. Sheesh.

  2. I'm curious where you went? Sounds like where I was last weekend - Advanced Reproductive Services - My partner and I are starting next month. I just started reading your blog, so not sure how this works out but I'm completely addicted to them!

  3. @abmayfield: We went to the University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine. They had a branch in Colorado Springs that we went to for most of our appts, with exception to the psychiatry review. The Dr. was saw primarily was Dr. Shona Murray she was actually pretty fantastic!

    Thank you for reading :) I know some of the blog gets pretty whiney on my part so I will apologize in advance!!

    We hope some of it is helpful as you start your journey! It will all be worth it in the end!