Monday, October 26, 2009

Our First Baby Purchase

We were wandering around Target getting a couple items we needed...and decided to peruse the baby section...

It's amazing what you can buy for a baby...let me rephrase it's amazing what you can spend on a baby. I'm sure the baby will have no idea if the stroller does not match the car seat...but everything is offered in a set... some with little cartoon animals others with more abstract designs but colorful. All playing in to America's consumer mentality... And you know it works because it is all so cute and in the back of your mind your thinking...I don't want MY baby to have to touch something "re-used"!

It's an interesting internal conflict, I continue to try and be more green about how I live my life, and I always seem to fall short when it comes to my "consumer" self. I always end up going for the new instead of the re-used. But I recycle, I steer clear of Styrofoam, and I even have a worm farm for composting.... I keep thinking I will make that step...but the question is when??

The stroll through Target didn't leave me demanding that I have to buy every item for our baby new and that it has to all compliment each other as a matching set... However, I did find the cutest onesie that is grey in color and has the recycle triangle with the words "green baby" under it.... I grabbed it off the rock and my girl chimed in with "we should get's only $3.00".... so I smiled and giddily carried it off towards the check out counter. While walking with it in hand I couldn't help myself and I checked the label... for an article of clothing that boasts being green there was nothing green about how it was made... no organic cotton no mention of being made from post consumer recycled products.... just a ploy to get us to consume based of the newest trend of being green.

Oh well its cute, and it will cover our baby's g-diaper with style.

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