Sunday, October 11, 2009

With October comes round two of Poking & Prodding!

Friday was my ultrasound for the month of October and it seems we were a few days early, my follicle (the largest of the bunch) on the left was 12mm and on the right were I was tasked with using LH tests this weekend to be aware if my body triggers ovulation, and have another ultrasound on Monday to see if they are closer to the very desireable 17mm to 18mm.

We both find it odd that they ask my height every time I come in...because women at age 30 are prone to growth spurts!!

And it is official every doctor at this clinic has gotten the turn to give me a check is such a lovely experience having shown myself from the waistdown to the entire staff... Not sure why they dont have you see the same specialist everytime.... I had heard that you become less self conscious about your body during and after pregnancy, I think I am starting to really understand why.

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