Monday, May 24, 2010

24 Weeks and 2 days that's 6 months ALREADY!

So here they are my 24W2D photos! I decided to do two photos this time.

I am sporting Motherhood Maternity T-Shirt and Shorts as well as my signature glowing white legs Ra Raa Raaa.
One showing how I look with my shirt normal

One true belly shot

Also, upon request I will be uploading belly shots every 2 weeks going forward. So check back in a couple weeks to see how I am progressing. Our little bean is growing more and more each week and we actually can physically see the changes in the size of my tummy.

I have been experiencing growing pains, if you want to call them that. As my belly has started to swell I have had itchy skin which I am battling with moisturizer overload; and some very interesting tingly and burning sensations on my belly skin. Which isn't unbearable just a nuisance and irritating.

If I had any doubts of being pregnant those days are far behind me.

I have even been asked when I am due by strangers. I think that is pretty bold on their part what if I wasn't pregnant??!! Lucky for them I am, however, I have a ways to go so we will see how I look in month 9 if I my pregnancy is already this obvious!

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  1. awwwwwwww look at your belly!!!! so cute! and caught up and read you were finally leaking too LOL join the leaking club. every time i sit up in this hospital bed to eat or anything they both now like spill out! I feel ya. I want to squirt like a cow too HAHA