Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Karate Bean

So all these books that MJ and I are reading say around 18-20 weeks you will feel the glorious first flutters of your baby. “Quickening” I guess it was called. Like flutters. Weeks came and went and nothing – no flutters, no unexplained gas feelings … nothing

By 20 weeks MJ was getting pretty frustrated that she hadn’t felt anything. On our last Dr. Visit the doctor informed us that MJ has an Anterior placenta placement which means the placenta is on top of the baby and acting like a buffer so MJ couldn’t feel her movements. So there was the bean kicking away and MJ didn’t feel a thing.

Also on our last visit, the Dr. said that I wouldn’t be able to feel the bean for like 4-6 more weeks. So that news made me a little jealous because I want to feel her too. I think it is fair that MJ gets to feel her first since she is the one having to carry her around all day.

Well guess what Mr and Mrs doctor – you were wrong. MJ has been under the weather and last night when she laid down on her side she said she felt something. This was the second time she has felt something. So I put my hands on her stomach and started my nightly game of find the bean and POW!.. I got kicked. We both felt it!! It was crazy. Melissa said “Did you feel that?” and I was like how could I not? Then about a minute later .. POW. I could feel her again. It was amazing. And I wished I could scoop her up into arms and kiss and hug her.

So now I am feeling the crunch. I have 19 weeks or more to get everything together.

Take Aways
1. Doctors just guess based on averages and your baby will do what it wants
2. Books can make you feel like you are behind the curve – ignore the books.

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