Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a punch!

Looks like my girl beat me to the "punch" writing about our big experience last night!! Pun intended!

The bean and I skipped right over the flutters and went right to jabs and hooks! It was an amazing feeling, like a mini person swimming in me. I don't know if what we felt was a kick or a punch but either way very welcoming!

What is crazy is that my girl got to feel it too, she even called out her first feel of it before I told her I felt something. Confirmation that it wasn't just my imagination or hers!!

This morning I got to feel our little bean again! Seems for me to feel her I need to be lying on my side which makes sense since the placenta is shielding the front of my stomach from her movements. It was the same feeling I felt last night, and I put my hand on my side and when she moved again I felt her with my hand. She is a powerful little girl!!

Feeling her warms my heart! I have fallen even more in love with our little bean.


  1. Bladder bouncing, here we come!!! LOL

    Have you come up with any names yet?