Monday, May 24, 2010


Transition is one of those things that is always uncomfortable and exciting at the same time. As MJ and I go through the transition of settling into a new place, we have been both excited and sad. Sad to leave behind so many friends and a day's drive to see her parents, and excited for our new adventures together. Its like an exchange - we gave up cool evenings for a true 4 seasons. We gave up 6 months of winter for mowing in March. We traded in mountain views for lake views. And we now rely on each other in ways we never did before.

I think that transition is a positive time in one's life. It forces you to change, and many times you come out the other side better for it. If things are good and settled, we don't usually buck the system- we just try to stay in that happy spot.

What I find interesting about change is the fact you get to this spot - where you are really uncomfortable and wondering what in the heck you are doing. You get two choices, push through or head back. What is even more interesting is when you get to the uncomfortable spot and realize there is no "head back". That is real growth - when you know you have to turn to God, reach up and grab his hand and go through to the other side.

So all this to say we have added one more item to the transition list ... my job. I have decided to take a new position inside my company. I have been doing the same thing for about 12 years. Not only that but I am in the same field where I got my degree so that is really 16 years. So as with all change I am excited to be doing something new and sad at what I am leaving behind. I have no doubt that this is the right decision ... but ask me that again when I am in the uncomfortable change spot wondering what in the heck I was thinking ;)

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