Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am a mammal!

I know, mammals have hair so why the exclamation now that I am a mammal???

Well, I find that I am comparing myself to a cow or goat at the moment. The past few days my nipples have actually become employed to do their "job". That's right they are secreting fluid, a fluid called colustrum.

This usually happens around this time of my pregnancy my breasts are starting to produce milk. Colustrum is the first kind of milk it will produce for our little bean. It is high in nutrients and antibodies to help our little girl fight off all or at least some of the bacteria and uckiness this world has to offer.

Really right now my nipples are just in training so they aren't working at full capacity just showing me that they can in fact do the job. Which is well, awesome! I never could quite fathom my nipples functioning, so for me seeing is believing. Very interesting, just like a cow's utter. Well much smaller and shorter, but functionally speaking very similar.

It just makes me wonder... will I be able to spray my milk at someone like you can with a cow's nipple? If so my nipples can have two functions: feeding my young and biological water gun... I guess technically speaking it would be a "milk" gun... but whatever. I am excited to find out!

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  1. They're most interesting after a hot shower. . . Especially if you haven't just fed Little One.