Tuesday, June 22, 2010

28 Weeks 2 Days!

Well here is my belly shot update for week 28!
With Shirt....

True Belly Shot...

The last couple weeks has brought on a lot of change, namely in the lay out of our home... Some of you may know that we have a bean bag room where our tv is which is now our family room. Well nearing the end of week 26 it happened, I got stuck in a bean bag and it took quite the maneuver to free myself. So the time had come for a room swap, the bean bags were rolled out and our L Shaped couch was moved in. Now our family room looks well, grown up... and I am again able to get up with some ease... not much but it is a vast improvement from the bean bag tango.

I have been craving a LOT of sweets lately not sure what that is about, but a lemon meringue pie and a boston cream pie have found there way into our fridge. On that note, I do have my glucose test this week, tomorrow actually. I am thinking positively and trying not to think about it too much, I of course want to pass... so happy thoughts.

Which brings me to my monthly check up, also tomorrow. We are meeting with another one of the doctor's in the practice... I think he is the last one. He is also the only one there who has done a water birth in the birthing tubs of the hospital. All the other doctor's in this practice allow laboring in the tubs but not the actual birth. This has really gotten my interest. I want to do a water birth something about it sounds like the best way to experience giving birth. My girl and I both agree that natural birth is what we think is best and we both have a love for the water... perhaps that is what we find so appealing... Either way it sometimes makes me wonder if this hospital is the best option for us. I really want my birth plan and I worry that hospital policy and a doctor's comfort may come in the way of that.


  1. Good luck at your GD test!!! Love the bean bag story ;O) oh and yes I say check into your dr & hospital as far as the water birth as far as I know you can labor in the tub in IN but not deliver and only some hospitals allow this! Good luck!

  2. I totally wanted a water birth! But same thing, the hospital will only let you labor in the tub, which I did of course. Only option for that was to have a mid wife who has the birthing tub come to your house and deliver. I wasn't that brave. At the time though the water didn't give me as much relief as I thought it would, but I didn't get in there till almost my pushing stage cuz of the long wait to get me a delivery room :(