Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nursery Update

First off there is only one more month of my 2nd trimester.... I can't believe it! Time is flying by!

All the experts (other Moms) suggest getting as much done in your 2nd trimester before the uncomforts of the 3rd trimester start slowing you down once again.

Great advice! So we have aggressively attacked getting our nursery put together.

First off, we decided to do a room swap, the room we were going to make the nursery offered more options for our corner desk and office furniture. So we swapped 'em up! Now the nursery is where the office was!

Next, we picked a paint color.... green and green (the top being: Potpourri Green; the bottom being: Stem Green)... We are going to be putting in a chair rail to separate the two different shades, as well as trim out the ceiling with cove trim. Both the chair rail and the cove trim will be white.

We have to still do all the trim (above mentioned chair rail and cove trim), but we got our free crib and I couldn't wait to see it put together! Thank you Pete and Tricia for your generosity!! It is actually exactly what we would have picked out I love when free and our taste match up perfectly!

We also got a free bed set from our friends Mindy & Scott, in fact I had forgotten about it during the several days I sifted through all the girls clothes they gave us.... did I ever mention they set us up to not have to buy clothes all the way up to size 4T!!!! AWESOME! Thanks Guys!!

So the bed set, when I discovered it in the box of baby sheets, I was both excited and worried. Excited because I thought it was absolutely adorable.... worried because it has a lot of green on it and the odds of it clashing with the wall colors we picked seemed very high.

Here is the cute factor at its peak the mobile put up and together... ahh love it.

And the moment of truth, the color clash test.... the designer gods are smiling down upon us today... because no clash!!!! And How cute is this???!!! Excuse the yellow glow that would be from our lights in the room, something else we are going to change as we are both fans of daylight light bulbs.

This brings you all up to date on our nursery changes!! More to come as we continue to put it together!

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  1. Looking great! Super cute! I cannot wait to really get started on ours...guess only a few more weeks until 3rd tri! Better get started!