Friday, June 18, 2010

Love is in the details

Love really is in the details. We have been working on the nursery. And as I was running a perfect bead of caulk along the newly hung chair rail, I thought about the details and how I wanted the room to be perfect for my little bean. Then it made me think of how I show love with details.

For example, I can make MJ the perfect cup of coffee. Not perfect by society standards, but by MJ standards. I know how it should taste before I serve it to her. I know this not because she made me learn it, but because I think it shows love to know how someone likes her coffee. Sure I can remember our anniversary, but I like to think it is the fact I ask if she wants ice cream right after she has thought about it that shows how much I love her.

My mom shows me love in details. Like making my favorite suckers, remembering saving my childhood toys, sending me encouraging emails. MJ shows me love with random notes in my lunch, making me tea in the morning, scratching my neck on long car rides to keep me from getting grumpy.

Its these little things that add up to so much. So although the bean may not appreciate the fact I also caulked the undersides of the boards just to make the job complete, I am pretty sure she will feel the extra love in the room for all the hard work.

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  1. Loving your updates Melissa! The room is looking great, and glad to see you both are on top of things! You will be great parents! Much love,