Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Do they give A's in baby class?

Emma is my hero when it comes to labor stories. Lots of people talk about 17 hour labors, epidurals, c-sections, massive pain ... not Emma. Her birth story starts with a shower and stretching.

It is funny how your opinion of situations can change with education. When I first heard Emma's story, I thought she was nuts. Nuts for the fact that she went into labor and instead of frantically rushing to the hospital - she showered. Then when her husband told me they waited so long at home that they almost didn't make it to the hospital to have the baby and had their son like 45 minutes after they showed up.... well I just thought they were both crazy.

Since MJ has been pregnant, I have been fortunate to hear lots of birth stories. I have horror stories about pre-eclampsia, toximia, and pitosin. I have heard crazy stories about car rides, water breaking and nosy in-laws. I now know what the heck a doula is. I have more respect for my mom and my oldest sister since they had such big babies. But with all the stories I kept thinking "I want my story to be like Emma's. How can I do that?"

So Melissa and I took our first steps toward natural childbirth that I now know is not crazy or impossible (I mean Emma did it). We started taking Bradley method classes that I have heard are either "Amazing" or "Worthless". So that is nice to have a consensus. All I know is that a method that requires eating, relaxation and me being a good support for MJ can't be bad.

Now we just have 12 weeks of class to cram into 10 weeks or so. I think we can do that. I mean I don't really have to read the "diapering" section. MJ will do all that I am sure. ;)

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  1. my only advise: stick to your birth plan, but if things do need to change, dont punish yourself, all that matters is that your beautiful girl gets here healthy, and MJ is safe too. Birth plans are great!

    I give your and MJ a A++