Sunday, July 4, 2010

Changing it up!

Ever since we saw the documentary "The Business of Being Born" we have contemplated doing a home birth. Well a few weeks ago I found a group called Home 4 Birth, and decided to set up a consultation appointment. This was mostly prompted by the fact that I wanted a waterbirth and I really want to optimize the opportunity to experience a natural childbirth.

Well we had our consultation on the 29th of June and right away we both felt even more comfortable with the idea of a home birth.

Home 4 Birth is made up of 2 midwives, who take on 6 births every month. They work as a team and only split up if by some off chance two of their patients are in need of their assistance at one time. The also have an apprentice who works with them and if given permission would also attend the birth.

We decided to think about it, but it really didn't take much more thought. It is what we want. I have sent them an email today to officially request to be placed under their care.

We feel confident in their abilities, and know that they put our interests first. We also know that if an issue arises they are experienced in recognizing the severity of the issue and will execute a transfer to a hospital to ensure my safety or the baby's safety.

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