Wednesday, July 21, 2010

License to SHOP!

Well now that we have had our baby shower, I am now free to shop for what we still need! The past few weeks I have wanted to go baby stuff shopping but was told I had to wait until after the shower.... So YAY for me and my shopping spree!

As you all know we decided to go the cloth diaper route, ironically, this is the one area where we didn't get anything for at the baby showers. I think this is because most of cloth diapering supplies are best found online and buying cloth diapers doesn't sound like fun... Luckily... I love online shopping and I have really loved picking out cloth diapers!! They are like another accessory.

We have been saving up for our cloth diaper investment and boy am I glad we did! I decided to go with gently used diapers as they are half the price of new ones, and I shopped around to make sure I wasn't over paying for all the additional supplies... Even then I spent almost $500.00 on getting all the diapering supplies!!!

It seems like a lot but these supplies will cover the first 6 months of our little one's life. It ends up being cheaper than going disposable over time! Plus if we maintain them well, they have resell value!

Here are the items I bought:

24- Kissaluvs Fitted Size 0

8- Newborn Prorap Covers

1- Baby Bits Wipes Solution (3 oz box which makes 50 cups of wipes solution)

24-Kissaluvs Cotton Cloth Wipes

2-Kissaluvs Antibacterial Diaper Pail Liners

1-Kushies "On the Go" Wet Bag Large (2-pack)

1-Mini-Shower- Bidet & Multi Use Hand Held Sprayer (this is attaches to your toilet so you can spray off poo before you put the diapers in the wash)

1-Allen's Naturally Laundry Detergent (1 Gallon= 512 loads)

1-Dispensing Pump Allen's Naturally Laundry Detergent (it measures for you!!!)

I also got these which are not related to diapering...

2-Bravado Washable Breast Pads (6 pack)

A photo of the swag!!

Now I just need to finish refinishing our changing table so I have a place to put all this!


  1. OOO love all the fluffy mail!!! We bought almost everything we need as well!!

  2. Good for you!
    Most people out there are the disposal diaper kind of person. It is healthier for the baby as well as the environment.
    I love the idea of cloth diaper and breastfeeding. When WE finally get PG we are planning on cloth diaper and breastfeeding. Can you give a girl a couple of pointers on the cloth diaper hunt?

  3. I was quite clueless when it came to cloth diapering, I didn't know what the options were. But I found this website:

    They are an online retailer but they also have this great tutorial that helped me figure out what would work for us. This is also where I bought my gently used diapers!