Friday, July 30, 2010

The Quilt from a VERY excited Grandma!

In a previous post I wrote about how my Mom makes quilts for new babies and weddings for our family members... I'm pretty sure I mentioned how I was excited that we would be getting one of her special quilts for our little one.

Well at the baby shower we received not only the beautiful quilt but 6 homemade receiving blankets!

Here are some pictures of the quilt and a shot of the receiving blankets!

The very excited Grandma to be:
Mom and I showing off her handy work:
Close up of the stitching on the border:
A close up of the Heart pattern:
The backing of the quilt:
The quilt displayed on the crib:
The Receiving Blankets:

People say that every quilt has a story as does this one.

Both of my parents have been wanting to be grandparents for years now... My Mom actually started making the request to both my brother and I around when I turned 20.... I am 31 now... so you can only imagine the years of bottled up anticipation and excitement.

It's very easy for me to forget that our little one is not only going to be the center of our world, but soon, she will be the center of my parents world as their very first granddaughter. I was reminded of this at our baby shower when Seana and I opened this gift from my Mom, at that moment my Mom was basking in the lime light of being an expecting Grandmother FINALLY!

This quilt and the receiving blankets tell the story of my mother's aching desire to be Grandma all these years.

For our little one this quilt is the gift of Grandma Thornton. With the "I Love Grandma" Backing and the heart patterns that represent Grandma's birthday, Valentine's Day, This quilt is an "I'm your Grandma and I will spoil you rotten with my warm love" declaration!

Thank you Mom, I'm positive that your granddaughter is going to love and cherish this quilt as much as she will love and cherish her moments with you!

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