Friday, July 30, 2010

The Changing Table is DONE!!!!

As you all know I decided a couple months ago to refinish a changing table that was given to us to match the color of the other nursery furniture. This project was a collaboration of many helping hands. My cousin Dustin started the project by disassembling and sanding all the big pieces during a visit from Michigan. Then my parents who came to visit from New Mexico helped finish the project. They sanded along side with me, and then took over to do the staining and polyurethane finish so I wouldn't have to be around the fumes! I did get to help paint the shelves white with NO VOC paint. My parents also handled reassembly and my brother lugged it upstairs and set it up in the Nursery! What a group effort!!! Here are the pics!

Here is a before of the changing table:
The first sanding:
It taken apart to keep sanding:
Here is me hard at work sanding the smaller sides:
My Dad putting together a work bench for my parents to sand down the smaller pieces:
My Mom sanding away:
The wood NAKED:

The staining begins:
My paint job on the shelves:
The polyurethane finish stage:
The finished product!

Once I get my nursing chair upstairs the Nursery will be complete! I can't believe it!!!!!

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