Friday, June 11, 2010

.. and we shall call her Queen Bean

Names are a tricky thing. I love my name because it is unique in its spelling for this country (it's Irish) but not odd in its pronunciation. I always knew when the teacher hit my name on a list because he/she would pause "Adam, Sarah ...... " I would promptly say "here" and properly pronounce my name so no awkward moments would happen.

Today there seems to be a trend among people to misspell their kids names on purpose or name them off the wall things. For example I have seen these three spellings for the same name "Kaeden, Kayden, Cayden" All pronounced "k-den" BTW C does not make a K sound. Let's not confuse our little ones. The last one should be "Ca -den"

This brings me to another point, most names are spoken and not written. How many times have you introduced yourself as "Hi my name is Sallie spelled Sallie" .... I am guessing never. So fancy spellings for names don't really set your kid a part in the world, they just make it harder on their teachers. You could spell it Gsallie and pronounce it "Sally" with a silent G. Sure it would be different but the kid would get the bank teller saying "how do you pronounce your name" every time she came in.

Then there is the trend of unique names. Heck a friend even knows a girl named "Unique." Sure I like the name Magnificent. I think it is fun to yell when mad, but I am pretty sure my little girl would be cursing me later in life. Super man, Cal-El, Lawyer, Treat, Priest, Moxi Crimefighter - all real names of real people. (I do kind of like Moxi). I am sure as kids they got a bunch of teasing and who knows how 'Lawyer's significant other likes yelling "Lawyer" across the store to get his attention.

Which takes me to my next point, picking a name for our baby bean. We want to minimize the name teasing our little girl could get. But it is hard - we have fallen in love with a name that has possible teasing potential. We both really like the name Maggie. Heck we even talk about her with the name, but we are both fighting trying to find something we like better because too many unkind words rhyme with Maggie - I will let you fill in the words that rhyme with Maggie now ..... take a minute ......

Plus MJ's family all has proper names and the proper name of Maggie is Margret and that just isn't happening. So we are considering Magdalena or Magdelynn (yes it is an off spelling using my middle name Lynn, but at least it is still pronounceable). I like both. And they are fun to yell when mad. Get my mom voice going.

So we will see what we end up with. All I know is Maggie isn't something I made up. It was spoken to me one day in the grocery store by the ultimate Father. And I just feel like He gave her that name and I probably shouldn't mess with it.

So back to square one.

Oh and sorry in advance if people call you Maggot. You will always be Queen Bean to me.


  1. Good luck!! I know you will come up with the perfect name!

  2. Haven't read your posts in awhile, but this cracked me up since my name is Margaret ;) . Yup, only old ladies have that name. But Maggie def has a very nice ring to it. We're kinda thinking along the same lines, but as the middle name. Good luck!