Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yes I know what star fruit is

On our drive home today from a family graduation, MJ and I got to talking about everything from sports we played, how we feel about school, and our views on alcohol. As we were talking I realized that my Mom is my model for family. My Dad is my model for work success.

My mom was amazing when I was a kid. I am not sure I could work 9 hours, make a home cooked dinner every night, keep a clean house, and repeat every day without going crazy. Heck I don't have kids and I can't seem to put the dishes away consistently. I finally got to folding my towels consistently but still don't make the bed.

My mom was "green" before that term was cool and common. She had her own grocery bag, canned foods, reused items, bought farm raised milk, dried her own fruit leathers, and made yogurt from scratch. She cooked with fresh ingredients. We rarely had sweets in the house or soda. I was allowed a soda now and again but never before 12 in the afternoon. It is because of my mom that I can name almost every fruit and recognize most vegetables. I will be attempting to repeat the healthy food household like my mom did. With MJ's amazing cooking, we are well on our way!

My mom always, and I mean always sat with you when you ate dinner. Sometimes I would come home late from basketball practice and she would sit with me while I ate. She still does this when I come to visit and miss a sit down meal. I will be continuing this with my kids.

My dad is my model for work success. He was once fired for making the moral and right decision. Many times he has told me his various work adventures, things he was proud of, things he would do different - but underneath it all he follows and preaches a strict code of ethics. i try to model this at my work as well and hope to teach my daughter the same.

My dad also taught me that you have to earn things and that hard work does matter. If you want something, make a plan, stick with it and you will get there.

Not everyone has such good role models. I am glad that I did and I hope I can be the same for my daughter.

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