Monday, November 30, 2009

Another Month...Another Try

With the holiday came my period...perhaps that could explain my foul mood. My mother always said I have the worst PMS. Even that feels like a poor excuse for my bad attitude!

So we are on square one to try again. Its leaving both of us grasping for a remedy.

My girl has a theory that the physician's probing is possibly causing more harm than good. She has thrown out the idea of no pre-insemination probing instead me using the "traditional" LH test... aka. pee on a stick ovulation kit. I am not a fan of the probing, and it does seem pretty invasive. I just recall one of those physicians saying the ultrasound is more accurate than the LH test. But I also agree with my girl in that the ultrasound is interpreted by the physician, what if they are interpreting my eggs all wrong.

Then there is a part of me that wants to go ahead and take Clomid this month. Which is a "fertility aid" if you will. It increases the chance of twins by 8%, which seems like a small margin.... but then again, the chances of me getting pregnant are 15%... Ironically the physicians say 15% is good odds, and 8% is minimal.... so I guess somewhere between 8 and 15 there is a line between good/minimal.... or their attempts at making the numbers look better are pretty visible.

Which way to go?? I feel very conflicted, sometimes I want to take Frank's advice on Friends and just get drunk it worked for a lot of girls in his highschool.

Either way, I have to send in paperwork so that we can have more sperm mailed to our physician's office. And I need to call the fertility clinic to report my period... When we started this I thought that was funny the whole calling someone to tell them I got my period, I felt like a young teen getting my first period and announcing to the world I'm a woman... now it's not so funny and I feel sadness and don't really want to call at all.

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  1. this story is a difficult one and not knowing the outcome is compelling - but you seem like a very honorable and determined person! I wish you luck! I look forward to the next step and it makes me wanna send you sperm. (Creepy I know but I mean it in a funny way)