Thursday, November 19, 2009

A little Prayer and A Little Hope

I was given a prayer from someone I love very much who also is trying to start a family and I wanted to share it... Maybe those of you who read this can say this prayer for me and other women trying for the same hopes of being a mother.

"Lovely Lady of La Leche, most loving mother of the child Jesus and my mother, listen to my humble prayer. Your motherly heart knows my every wish, my every need. To you only his spotless virgin mother has your Divine Son given to understand the sentiments that fill my soul. Intercede with him now, my precious mother, that, in accordance with His will, I may become the mother of other children of our heavenly Father. This I ask, O Lady of La Leche, in the name of your Divine Son, my Lord and Redeemer.Amen"

This is a Catholic prayer and neither I nor the person who sent this to me are Catholic, but the prayer seems fitting for how we feel.

Pregnancy is a tricky thing for some of us and it is hard to watch others get pregnant with such ease or those who are stricken with it like an accidental disease while you have to take all these steps and go see all these doctors because it is not something you can become conventionally. It is a test of patience and also a test of forgiving those who did nothing wrong but hope themselves.

Now that we are again waiting to find out if this try takes, It leaves me hesitant to hope and all to willing to pray.

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