Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Move

Life keeps moving and so are we! We used this weekend and this week to move out of our place and into temporary living. As most of you know we are planning to move to Indiana in a few months the timing of which is being determined by a short sale we have put an offer in on.

In an effort to remain fertily optomistic, we both are thankful that last month was not a successful month in terms of becoming pregnant. With all the stuff we are moving from one place to the other and the amount of heavy items I've personally picked up and moved it's best that I am not pregnant.

We also don't want to skip a month, so during this hectic move we have fit in a couple appointments to see our reproductive specialist. My cycle is a bit slower than they anticipated so we have determined that this coming Monday will be my next insemination!

So I will be administering myself with a shot on Saturday evening to trigger the release of the egg. Which by the way was quite painless last month so I'm not even worried about it this time!

Thankfully this works well with the timing of our move, almost all heavy objects are in their rightful place, and those that have not been will be by Monday.

Now back to the task of unpacking in our basement apartment!

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