Monday, November 16, 2009

Too Many Metal Objects

This morning was my insemination... I fear it was a bit more painful this go round.

It seems my cervix was on the run so our Dr. had to use a clamp to grab it and hold it in place.... All I can say is F'n A that hurts! Its been a couple hours and it still hurts.

The good news is I have 13 million swimmers on the hunt, and I have very good looking mucus on my cervix. Never thought I would be happier to hear I have mucus! who knew mucus could be good looking!

The down side is the cramping I am feeling this time around because of the clamp. The clamp also caused some bleeding which they have assured us will have no affect on the insemination.

So it wasn't ideal but while laying on the table after the procedure, I looked at Seana and said.... that was probably nothing compared to labor... What am I getting myself into. She of course smiled and said that we could always adopt. All I could think is it may be too late to wimp out now! I really don't want to wimp out anyway.

I would prefer they use less metal objects when it comes to my nether regions.... I dont know what was worse the clamp or seeing the size of that thing before she inserted the sucker! YIKES!

Well here is to keeping our fingers crossed it takes! Maybe this is one procedure we wont have to do again for quite a while!

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