Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dr. Right Check!!

Well we had our meet and greet appointment if you will; this was with the doctor I chose from the recommendation list. She seems great. She works with 3 other doctors and they rotate being on call so my homework is to meet with all of them so I am familiar with whomever shows up for delivery. So we can now check "finding a doctor" off the list!!

Their office is in Clarian North Medical Center which is rightfully nicknamed "Hotel" Clarian, we have the option to pick a hospital that is closer, but the extra ten minute drive is worth it this place is beautiful!! And I have heard around town that it is the best of the three we are close to! We have to register with the hospital to deliver there so I will definitely be submitting that form!

While there I had to pee in a cup always a bit of a challenge for me... I seem to get stage fright when it comes to peeing on demand even though this time I actually felt the need to pee. Luckily I was able to complete the task, and everything came back normal.

We also discussed our next visit and genetic testing. My girl and I both agree that perfect or imperfect we want our child so we didnt see the point in the testing, I think we decided to opt for the quad test which tests for deformities that impede on sustaining life... how sad is this. I have chosen to not put much thought into this, I dont want to waste nights worrying about something I have no control over.

Moving on, our next visit... We are both ecstatic about!! We will be finding out the sex, which means another ultrasound YAY!!! This will be on April 1st.

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