Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is it made of ... gold!?!

So this weekend we looked through Babies R US. First things first ... HOLY CRAP! How much baby stuff is there?!? There are cribs, strollers, bottles, food, diapers, and creams .... fine I see the need for all that. But babies own a TV? So it can watch itself on a screen???? A Jeep Liberty stroller? Is Jeep trying to start consumer loyalty early? (Although I have to admit I was interested in it). There were swings: vibrating swings, swings with toys, swings without toys, wind up swings, swings that ran on batteries, swings with a foot peddle so you didn't have to bend down to turn it on. How am I every going to pick out anything!! I already get shopping paralysis when trying to buy things for myself.

Then there are all the warnings. "baby could choke, get strangled, hit head, land on head, eat item, poke eye, lose eye, etc" At least there wasn't a warning for "use item as weapon against you".

Then there was the sticker shock.... $25 for a onesie? There can't be that much fabric to constitute $25. What is it made of ... hand massaged sheep's wool? Hand brushed Angora? Rare baby seal hides? The baby is going to poop in it and throw up on it. I wouldn't spend $25 on myself if I knew I was planning on vomiting on it. $500 cribs, $200 strollers, $150 swings. There were $25 plush toys that Marley would happily take from the baby and shred along with the $5.99 rattles and cute fuzzy swing toys. Half this stuff I am sure the dogs will find and eat. Along with some dirty diapers most likely.

Thank God MJ is green. Not only because it is good to be aware of the environment but also because she believes in reuse. We found a nice local owned shop that resells gently used baby items and clothes. $10 for 7 onesies. Now we are talking. $50 cribs ... starting to feel much better.

Now if I could just stop dreaming about a fully coordinated baby room full of matching furniture ....

Take Aways
1. Baby stuff is expensive
2. Start shopping early and consider a used baby store
3. Consider having a bake sale to pay for all the baby items you are going to want to buy.

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  1. I was determined to have a coordinating nursery, too. So I found some decent material and started sewing. I ended up with a crib bumper, blanket, pillow cases (not that they used the pillows as babies, but it was a good use of scraps), curtains and even a rather sad looking rug that started out much better in my mind. Know anybody that can sew? (These types of things make awesome ideas for "group gifts" at baby showers, too.)