Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I want my own doppler.

Dear bean,

Today you are the size of a lemon (so I have been told by a website) and you have started "peeing" inside the womb. Although we will discourage you from peeing in your "womb"( i.e. bed) when you are outside the womb, right now you are not in trouble because really where else are you going to go?

I wanted to answer a few questions for you.
1. Yes I cried when I heard your tiny heartbeat on the doppler. The doppler looked like a horribly old Casio recorder with mike and speaker. I think the doctor may have bought it at toys R us. It looked fake. All that being said if I could get my hands on one, I would buy it just so I could hear your heart beat everyday. It is amazing you are even in there. Your mom looks pretty much the same (give or take a few pounds) and so it is easy to forget you are busy growing.

2. Yes I have already thought of names for you and in my head I call you by these names, but since I don't know your gender you may end up with a totally different name once we get to know you better. I can promise you this one thing, we will not name you weird things like "4 real" or "Unique". Just so you know those last two names are real names. Consider yourself lucky

So continue doing what you do and I will see you in a few weeks. Try not to be too modest for your next pictures... I will explain why when you are older. :)

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