Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Documentary Recommendation: The Business of Being Born

Last night we decided to watch a documentary about birth.

It left us questioning why we hadn't thought more about our birth plan. We hadn't put much thought into it, we just figured I would go into labor and see how it goes, maybe I would need pain medication maybe I wouldn't but would go on how Im feeling and what our doctor as the expert recommends.

Umm yeah, after seeing this documentary which was actually done by Ricki Lake surprisingly enough. We are seriously reconsidering what we have opted for. Our next visit to see our Dr. is going to be an interesting one because we want to see how flexible this hospital is to natural childbirth with the aide of a midwife and possibly a doula. I don't want a home birth, but I would consider possibly swapping the hospital for a birthing center so I can do a water birth.

Mostly after seeing this film, I do not want pitocin I do not want an epidural, even if I end up begging for it during the labor. Most importantly I do not want a C-section.

Those of you expecting that read this, PLEASE, consider watching this film and researching your options.

Here is a link to a trailer:

If you have netflix and have wireless internet, it is an option under the instant download queue!

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  1. I have heard many good things about this film! I will be asking DH when a good time to watch it will be!! I already decided I WILL NOT be induced nor will I have a c-section unless VERY LAST option! I would love to go au natural, but not sure if I can make it!