Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stretch Marks Boo!

So it happened, last week, I was brushing my hair after getting out of the shower, and I saw it... Right on my left breast... 4 or 5 little stretch marks almost purple in color.... BAHHHH!

I thought it would hold off until later!! I was expecting them, I am genetically dispositioned to get them, I got them during puberty so getting them during pregnancy is a no brainer. I was just hoping it wouldn't be during my fourth month I was hoping it would be during the 7th month.

I had been good about moisturizing, but I hadn't upgraded to a specialty lotion, and thought maybe that would be good enough until later... So when hit with this harsh reality I did what every pregnant woman would... I bawled like a baby, heaving sobs, snot running out of my nose, and the inability to talk in a way that made sense or catch my breathe between my sobs.

My girl of course was very supportive, she held me and comforted me as I mourned the beginning of losing the way my body looked. I really had thought I was ready for a few body changes. She said all the right things like she always does, and not 20 minutes later I was back to my excited about this change self!

Naturally we ran out that day and bought a $40 miracle cream, which actually may be working, the stretch marks I just got already seem to be fading so phew! I will get many more stretch marks Im sure, but this cream can minimalize the damage!

Ladies, just remember this name: Mustela! Pricey but worth it. Oh and it doesn't smell too bad, however, it does remind me of the scent of self tanning lotion.

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  1. oh hunny! :0(

    I'm sure you look as beautiful as ever.