Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We've Moved and Finally have internet!!!!

We are now in Noblesville, Indiana! The unpacking is going slow but steady and my girl has hit the ground running with both work and school. My unemployment has yet to set in as the boxes surrounding me are a constant "to do" item I want to procrastinate, and as long as I have something to procrastinate my days seem full of everything else to do but unpack! Perhaps some examples will help paint a better picture of my day.

First off the dogs have met a new kind of mud in our back yard, Marley's feet are like sponges according to our new neighbor he just soaks it up... so daily baths are practically required. I try to delay the bath as long as possible since I know they will just want to go back out in less than half an hour; so I devised this paw cleaning station... a bucket and a towel... every time they want to come in they have to sit and have their paws examined... if they encountered mud during the current romp around the yard... their paws get a little dunk action, and then a wipe down to dry them as much as possible.

Second, I have to maintain the carpet, there are those moments when Marley and Odie escape my grasp at the door and run right on to the carpet with muddy paws... BAAAHHH! Of course they also jump right on to the bean bags or couch so those also need a cleaning.

Well this activity has the following affect on me... I either have to sit down to catch my breathe or I have worked up an appetite. I can't just sit in silence and with no television I am left to pick out a movie, and there goes two hours of productivity right out the window! I do make it a point to get some unpacking done but with all these muddy distractions.... some days are better than others!

Enough about my busy days, Im sure you all want updates on the baby. Well I will do these in a few separate posts... these will include but are not limited to our ultrasound pictures and my first belly shot!

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